Monday, March 25, 2013

Coldspring / Hot Blog

Natasha and Marni Majorelle, March 2013, Prospect park- Forest School!
So our blog is back after a year of hibernating, just in time for spring! Even in this very un-spring like spring we're having. The excuse for not blogging, if there can be such a thing, is having a baby! And now that she's 10 months old and can fend for herself, I can blog all I want. Proof of baby posted above. You can tell she's mine because she's already dirty.

The first thing I'm doing is returning to the office - at good old 33 Flatbush! A few things have changed, like a gigantic tower built next door and this terrifying crane. Other than that it's still the great old place it's always been with amazing people and businesses. 

Witchhazel in bloom in Madison Square Park.
Besides doing things like taxes, there's work to be done outside the office as well. Somethings we're doing, and you might want to as well in your own garden, is pruning, cutting dead things off, mulching, adding a layer of compost, and enjoying the beautiful blooms of Witchhazel, Hamamelis  . 
These unusual blooms look like yellow fire crackers or shooting stars.  

So even though you're freezing and haven't finished your taxes, prune your rose (learn how!), cut down the grasses (if you haven't already in the fall), remove all those unsightly leaves surrounding the gorgeous blooms on your hellebore, add some mulch and compost, warm up, and then have a beer and gulash! It will be 90 degrees before you know it.