Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Coldspring to Heatwave

Star Magnolia in full bloom at 23rd St. 
It's 80 degrees this April 9th and you're freakin' happy though possibly overdressed and hating your office job. Even though you might not care on this glorious NYC day, climate change is eliminating spring......and your plants do mind.

This is your plant this past month:

'It's snowing, no way I'm gonna come out now.'
'Nice, finally! I'm going to send out some new growth.'
'Still nice. Sweet! I'm gonna bud.'
'Damn! I'm freezing my buds off! My owner's going to think I'm dead now. And I might be....'
'Oh, good. I'm still alive, and it's nice out again. I wish my owner would water me and stop thinking I'm dead.'
'Damn! It's hot!!!! Water! Agua! Eau! What language do I need to speak to get you to water?!'

Remember to water your gardens, green roofs, and especially potted plants, even when it goes back down to 50 deg.