Monday, May 6, 2013

Pfizer Goes Green!

The former Pfizer building located in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn is getting a green roof paid for by the Department of Environmental Protection Green Infrastructure Grant. Alive Structures partnered with the buildings new owner, Acumen Capital Partners, to apply for the grant, and we received it! The roof will be 28,000 SF of sedum and native plants, there will also be a section for agriculture.

The building where Viagra was once manufactured is now an incubator for hip Brooklyn food start ups like McClure’s Pickles, Brooklyn Soda Works, Steve’s Ice Cream andMad├ęcasse, to name a few. The building is perfect for food production with all of it's laboratories, sterile environment, and climate control storage. Acumen Capital Partners is committed to restoring old factory buildings and keeping them for local industry as opposed to making a quick buck and turning them all into "luxury lofts".  We're hoping for a fall installation. Stay tuned for more news about it as we move forward. 

See the DEP press release to find out about all the Green Infrastructure Projects chosen for 2013.
Here we are at the opening ceremony which took place on the Pfizer building last week. 

Marni in the middle of a sea of suits. On the Pfizer Building with DEP.