Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Field Trip!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself and to say how happy I am to be the newest member of Alive Structures. This is officially my first blog EVER and I look forward to many many more. This past weekend I was visiting our nation's capital and the weather and people couldn't have been better. First stop was the United States Botanic Garden. The National Garden, in particular, showcases plants native to New Jersey south to North Carolina in their Regional Garden.

Definitely stop by here if you are in the DC area and then stop in at the National Museum of the American Indian if you get hungry, best food ever. You will NOT be disappointed!

For more info about the garden and its sustainability practices go here.

And just for irony. . . here was a green roof right on top of the exxon across my friend's gym!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that Exxon green roof looks pretty to be under, as well, in hot D.C.
    Let's hope the corporations that we like follow Exxon's cute LITTLE model of environmental fact...maybe Exxon should cover its corporate headquarters with such a roof!
    Welcome to blogging, Dary, and to Alive Structures!