Thursday, June 10, 2010

Union Square Green(roof)market

Native plants and green roofs have taken over NYC! Well, we hope so at least. Two Fridays ago Alive Structures had an education stand at the Union Square Greenmarket educating New Yorkers and visitors to New York about the benefits of using native plants in gardening and reasons why considering green roofs for their homes and businesses is a great solution for our city.

Marni in front of the Alive Structures van

We loved talking to everyone that stopped by the stand. Some were just curious and others had their own personal native plant gardening and green roof knowledge to share.

Don't worry if you missed us that day, we will be heading to the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket this Saturday, June 12. We will have some our region's best native plants being showcased along with a sample of a green roof! Native plants sometimes have a reputation for looking weedy, but stop by and you'll see that New York native plants are gorgeous, and we think quite stunning. Feel free to look through our books or photographs of gardens that we have on hand. See you there!

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  1. Dude, that one-whole patch of wild plants looks fantastic! The rocks and the assorted foliage makes it look like some sort of wild grass thriving on the side of a cliff - perfect for placing at the edge of your green roof!