Monday, July 12, 2010


If it doen't rain by this weekend it will be a month since it last rained.

I don't count the short drizzles we've had as rain-they're just teases

that slightly wet the surface of the earth but don't come near to the

saturation plants really need right now.

I've seen some well established trees and shrubs wilting and dropping

their leaves. I've passed many a dehydrated garden full of yellow crispy

yews, shriveled lilacs, needleless pines, and completely wilted

perennials. If this is happening to established gardens with roots deep

into the earth, you can imagine how newly planted gardens and container

gardens are doing...badly to say the least. If you have a container garden

or have plants newly installed you must be thoroughly watering them

everyday and put a layer of mulch around them if you want them to survive.

Even so, these plants are vulnerable and a one month drought may just be

too much for them-expect to lose a few ferns.

If you can't water your plants everyday and can't get a neighbor or

someone to water your plants for you, then you must have an irrigation

system that's on a timer.

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