Wednesday, September 8, 2010


At long last we'll be giving a green roof workshop for all of you to cheap or broke :) to hire us and want to go it alone. So please sign up for this guaranteed fun event Saturday September 11 at the President St. Community Garden at 222 5th Ave in Park Slope, Brooklyn 1pm- 4pm.

We'll be installing a small green roof for the community garden in collaboration with GrowNYC using a mixture of edibles, wildflowers, and succulents. We'll also discuss safety concerns, waterproofing, and general costs. Beware there is a tax deductible fee of $50 which is going to the community garden and all the good causes GrowNYC pursues
(think farmer's markets y'all...yumm).

I hope to see you there!!

Register by Contacting:

President Street Community Garden:


  1. This looks like a very pretty place. Can you tell us where will the green roof be? Is there a structure with a roof?

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