Wednesday, October 19, 2011

End of Season Projects

So the season isn't over yet, we're still working hard, but here's one of the most recent projects we've completed that we're super happy with. It's an intensive green roof for a residence in Brooklyn, with soil varying from 2" to 8". It's planted with mostly native grasses and wildflowers using Switchgass, Little Bluestem, Butterfly Weed, New York Ironweed, and the rare New England Blazing Star, all from our favorite Glover Perennials out in Long Island. There's also a vegetable bed, lavender, and lots of Sempervivum.

Here are some pictures of the installation and one of the happy clients enjoying the roof after words!

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  1. the garden is not well planned. it's better to plant some flower to add some color and life to the garden.