Friday, June 21, 2013

The Grass Is Greener

Today is just the perfect Friday, and while this is perfect weather for many of you and many of your plants, it is unfortunately also the perfect weather for weeds too. Remember to get out there and stay on top of weeding before the mugwort has reached 10’ high!

Its also a good time to cut back tall plants that look better a little shorter: coreoposis, eupatoirum (Joe Pye Weed), Balloon flower, and Asters. We’ve been tending to one of our very lush green roofs in Brooklyn - you can see the Mexican Feather Grass is thriving!

Including another green roof in Tribeca where the same grass is looking beautiful. We’ve experimented with potting this grass in planters before with fatal results - the drainage was just not good enough and there was way too much irrigation. Green roofs are perfect for this grass, they provide excellent drainage and are generally dry, sunny landscapes.

*Baby not included with green roof installation.

Want some more tips? The lovely Jeanne Rostaing featured one of our recent projects in Fort Greene, and I sat in for some Q&A.

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