Wednesday, February 17, 2010

People's Garden

The Who Farm is at it again, now in NYC campaigning for an organic vegetable farm in front of our own City Hall.
This campaign has yet to enlist the double-decker-upside-down-farm school bus that it crossed the country in to raise awareness of local food, but I'm sure it will find another way to build up the excitement for a City Hall farm. Check out the People's Garden website and sign their petition if this is something you'd like to see.

And while you're getting involved with city politics, do attend this:

DEP is holding meetings in each borough to discuss "water rates, new services, and what the future holds for DEP’s customers.” Will water rates factor for stormwater management in our future?

I know this meeting could sound a bit dry (no pun intended) but this is a crucial part of reducing water pollution in our city. To find out about the meeting in your borough and more about the subject matter visit: DEP and / or SWIM

If you're already well aware of the stormwater problem NYC has and you have an idea on how to reduce it, draw a sketch of what you have in mind and submit it to

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