Monday, February 15, 2010

Shake that Snow

Happy President's Day. You have today off, right? Well if you do, I have a little garden activity for you-if you have a garden. Although the white blanket looks pristine and it's cold out, you really should put on boots and wade through the snow. Why? Because if you're like me, and have small trees and shrubs in your backyard, some of those trees and shrubs may be damaged by the snow. As I walked through my garden today I saw some of my favorite Kalmia's branches burdened by snow to the point of almost breaking.

If you don't shake off the snow on these tender branches, then they could break, become bent, or just cause strain to the plant. I brushed away the snow surrounding my young River Birch, Inkberry, Rhododendrons, Kalmias, and Dwarf Conifers and saw their branches enthusiastically spring up from the weight of the snow. Great! Good deed done. But I hear it might snow 3"-4" tonight, so prepare to repeat!

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